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Forge-Rx a results orientated gym. As long as you are willing to put in the work - we can guarantee the results. Our Trainers take their jobs very seriously, through continued education, updating certifications or personal research. We can provide you with the right program to help you reach your goals.  Need Accountability? Motivation? General Guidance? We can do all of that.
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My fitness career started at a young age. It just clicked, and I started eating healthier and lifting weights. Fast track 10 years, I have tried every exercise program and “diet.” My goal, is to help everyone from high level athletes to your everyday person sift through the lies of social media and fitness “gurus” to educate you what is right and what does work. I specialize in macro nutrition coaching and functional fitness. Whether you want to find balance with your lifestyle and nutrition, lose some weight and gain confidence, physique goals or want to compete in functional fitness lets chat!

CFSC, CF-LV1, ETP, USAW, OPEX CCP(in process), Jason Phillips Nutrition Mentorship


My fitness journey started, as a way to get out of - what I will call- "a life changing funk." Believe it or not, many of us sit with the exact same feelings and think "this is the way it has to be." But it doesn't! As I continue to progress in my own Fitness and Health Journey, I have become more in tune with my body than ever before, understanding how everything is connected - what type of training you are doing, what kinds of foods you eat, how much you eat, your sleep,  etc.. - it all amazes me to see how one aspect can positively impact your life when given the proper stimulus. My goal as a trainer is to influence as many men, women, children, athletes, etc.. on how making the right lifestyle changes can lead to even bigger positive impacts on your daily life. We all deserve to move better, but more importantly, we all deserve to feel better.  It starts with you deciding to make a change, and today feels like a a good day for a change!

CF-L1, OPEX Assesment, BFA


I was born and raised in Marietta GA, and attended Georgia State University on an athletic scholarship for soccer. While at GSU, I earned two degrees. I received a B.S. in Exercise Science, and a B.A. in History, as well as a minor in Sociology. My goal with every individual is to get them to realize that they are an individual and their training program should reflect their needs. Majority of things in the training field are going to fall into a grey area, as very little is black and white. Once the needs have been addressed, I want to make every person an efficient mover. This means they can not only move well in the weight room, but move well through life, and in doing so they will be pain free. Moving well and being pain free will help lead each person to their desired goals.




My goal for clients is to improve the health and skill related benefits that come from performing regular exercise. My style of training is functional based with the goal of increasing muscle mass, decreasing fat mass, improving mobility and stability. Functional strength training will increase the capacity to perform work, improve coordination and balance, and reduce the risk of injury. I want clients feeling better about performing activities of daily living but most importantly feeling better about themselves.

If you are interested in a free trial session or want to contact me with any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.