What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical Weight Loss is weight management based on medical scienctific evidence that targets the root causes of obesity and weight gain. Trained medical providers provide the treatment and guidance necessary to help you achieve weight loss and maintain it for life. 

Many traditional weight loss clinics only prescribe medication to help with appetite control. They are usually not located in a gym, and they do very little to educate their clients on proper nutrition. Clients have immediate success, but then quickly return to their old ways when the medication has run out, and thus the weight comes back.

What Makes Forge-Rx Different from other Medical Weight Loss Facilities?

We are able to utilize our ability to Incorporate Medical Weight Loss into a package that will set you up for success in keeping the weight off for life, by truly changing your lifestyle! Since we are located inside a state of the art fitness facility, we are able to incorporate Personal Training, Fitness Classes, Nutrition Coaching and weekly educational-accountability meetings.

Doctor Supervision & Prescription Medication*

*as needed. Cost of Prescription not included in package price.

Personal Training
Nutrition Coaching
Unlimited Access to Forge-Rx Facility
Unlimited Access to Forge-Rx Fitness Classes


How do we Track Results? 

Along side our Medical Staff, you will have a team of people behind you. Your Nutrition Coach and Trainer will be working together to help you achieve your individual goals.  The scale, although a great tool to use for immediate feedback, it is not the only method your coaches will be using to track your success. Moving better, feeling better, progress pictures, lifting more weight, being able to keep up with the kids, waking up pain free - these are all direct effects of those coming in with the same weight loss goals in mind. This is so much more than just a weight loss journey and we are here to help see you reach your goals.


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