Dr. Joseph F Pohl, MD

Dr. Joseph Pohl, owner and founder of Forge-Rx, is a board certified Obstetrician Gynecologist with 30 years experience in healthcare. He has an undergraduate degreee in Chemistry / Business from the University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia and attended medical school at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. He interned at Letterman Army Medical Venter in San Francisco, California and completed his residency at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. Fellowship trained in Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. Staff Obsetrician Gynecologist at Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center in Germany, and completed his 12 year military service as a Lieutenant Colonel and Director of Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery and Urogynecology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center / Bethesda Naval Medical Center / Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in Washington, DC.
Dr. Pohl has been at Gwinnett Medical Center since 1998 and currently is in solo practice at Women’s Healthcare Consultants of Gwinnett in Lawrenceville, Georgia. His current interests are exercise and fitness, food and nutrition, and how lifestyle changes impact wellness and chronic disease prevention.

What is Wellness?

The Wellness program screens clients for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol abnormalities, and obesity in a non-traditional medical environment. Periodic physical and laboratory parameters will be measured and tracked to monitor progress as our clients pursue their goals. The InBody Composition Analyzer measures percent body fat, basal metabolic rate, and body mass index. 

Our onsite laboratory measures blood glucose, hemoglobin A1C, and lipid profile. Height, weight, abdominal circumference, and blood pressures will be measured and recorded. Fitness and nutrition consultations are available and encouraged to inspire, motivate, and support our clients to make healthy lifestyle choices.  The end result is intended to be good health, disease prevention, and longevity. 

All Memberships include 1 30 min consult with Dr. Pohl.

During your 30 min consult Dr. Pohl will administer 1 In Body Assessment and 1 Set of Labs as well as discuss your health and wellness goals and how to get there.


Why did Dr. Pohl want to begin educating others on Nutrition and Wellness?

I have practiced medicine now for over 30 years and have witnessed dramatic changes in the deterioration of the health of patients and their families. These health problems, ranging from heart disease, most common cancers, to joint replacement surgeries and the rising cesarean surgery rate, are mostly related to the obesity epidemic. This problem spans all ages, from children to adults and has made the practice of medicine more complex and challenging. Instead of focusing just on managing the problems of poor lifestyle choices, I wanted to have a positive impact on the root of the problem. I realized that I needed to be a role model for patients. To be credible, I had to practice what I preached and could not become overweight myself. I educated myself on the basics of nutrition, began farming, raised chickens, and started cooking. Wellness is mostly about nutrition and exercise. This message was very difficult to implement in my doctors office because, as at most doctors offices, I didn't have the infrastructure in place, or the time to spend on fitness and nutrition. I was too busy putting out the fires of the obesity and sedentary lifestyle epidemic. My dream, and goal, was to create FORGE-RX, a place where basic health screening is blended with the wisdom and value of healthy eating and exercise to attain wellness. Come join the journey. You will not regret you did.