At Forge RX, we have created our own results-driven group fitness classes that are aimed at helping our members to reach any fitness goal. Our fitness instructors are trained to provide each participant with the best workout to reach individual goals. Whether you are new to the gym and working out or you are a seasoned athlete, our group fitness classes will prove to be as challenging as they are fun. In the group fitness settings, you’ll be able to forge new relationships and help be accountable for your workout. Our fitness instructors work hard to make sure that each participant feels supported in their goals and finds the best plan to fit the individual. Read about the group fitness classes we offer and then sign up to try them out!


Strength Training Fitness Class

Our Flex-Rx class is our traditional-style bodybuilding and strength training class with a Forge-Rx remix! This class focuses on functional strength training to help build full-body strength and muscle mass to help with day-to-day tasks. If you are looking to increase muscle mass, lose fat, or strengthen your whole body, this is the workout class for you!


High-Intensity Cardiovascular Training

The goal of this group fitness class is to get your lungs working and your heart pounding. This high-intensity class will have you moving the entire time with very short rest periods. The goal of this class is to alternate high-intensity anaerobic exercise with short recovery periods. This keeps your body in optimal metabolic conditioning, fat burning, and muscle developing mode!


Daily Prescribed Workout of the Day

The Daily-Rx class is designed for groups to complete the daily prescribed workout in a friendly, competitive environment. The workout of the day is written and each participant will either complete as many repetitions as possible or complete circuits for time. The workout that is written is the RX, or prescribed, workout, and each participant does their personal best to complete the workout. The workouts are different each day and incorporate a mix of functional bodybuilding, metabolic conditioning, and strength.


Weightlifting Training

Our Lift-Rx group training class is exactly what it sounds like! This is a fitness class which is focused on learning and refining Olympic power lifts including the snatch and clean & jerk. This class isn’t just for those looking to compete, this fitness class is great for improving strength and power. If you are looking for a good challenge, you have found it!


Spin Cycling

Do not underestimate this class because it is only 30 minutes long! This high-interval intensity training (HIIT) group fitness class is completed on an indoor bike. This spin cycling class will have you sprinting at full speed and work your cardiovascular system! This quick and challenging cycling class delivers rapid results in your weight loss and strength training plan.


Core Training

Core-Rx is a group fitness class that combines the use of your own body weight, medicine balls, kettlebells and bands to work your core. This fitness class dedicates the entire workout to building strength and cutting fat in your core to help improve overall strength and power.

Movement and Mobility

Our Movement and Mobility group fitness class is dedicated to improving flexibility and movements to reduce injuries during workouts. This fitness class incorporates different yoga poses and stretches to work your mental and physical health. This is the ideal class for a recovery day workout!

At Forge Rx, we are more than just a gym, we are a fitness center that is invested in each of our member’s total health and wellness. Our group fitness classes are designed and instructed with you in mind. We guarantee that regardless of which group fitness class you choose, you will leave feeling empowered. If you ask us, we think you should give them all a try — just not all on the same day! Our fitness classes membership gives you total access to all of our fitness classes, in addition to everything included in our basic gym membership, as well as free childcare and access to our nutrition page. Stop by our fitness facility today to get started working toward your fitness goals, let us help you along the way.