It is time to be more intentional with every part of your health and wellness.

The fitness space is an ever-evolving entity, just like your health and wellness! We have witnessed the transition of cardio-heavy workouts being traded in or supplemented with weightlifting and metabolic conditioning. But, before we can even get into our workouts, we have to be more intentional with our warm-up, thus our warmups are the crucial step we are missing in our workouts.

There are many components to what makes a great workout and overall fitness, but when our bodies are being tested and taxed, warmups are crucial to how well we workout and recover. At Forge-RX, you can challenge yourself through a series of classes we offer including strength, weightlifting, and cardio training. Learn more about how to be more intentional with your workout warm-up in today’s post.

Warming Up

Warm-ups are easily missed because we are often short on time and we want to get in and get out of the gym. If you are guilty of skipping a warmup you are not alone in committing this fitness crime, and although you can skip it and still have a great workout, with a warm-up you can be more productive and safer. Below are a couple of reasons a warmup will support your workout goals and your performance.

A warm-up supports you physically.

It is called a warm-up for a reason — your body temperature begins to rise and prepare you for your upcoming sweat sesh. Joints and tendons benefit greatly from a warmup — connective tissue are nicely loosened and lubricated that helps you avoid injury.

The takeaway for your body physically is, if you want to avoid health issues such as tendonitis or cramped muscles, don’t forego your warmup.  

A warm-up supports your hormones.

When you commit to a warm-up, your body will begin to release hormones such as testosterone to help facilitate fat-burning. A warm-up is also beneficial because it helps set the tone of your workout, both mentally and physically. And, priming the “fight or flight” response can help get you motivated.

Warming up also increases adrenaline, and when this is being released it makes for a much more productive workout.

So, you are probably wondering what makes a great warm-up?

Start by foam rolling or stretching to give your muscles and connective tissues a gentle wake up. Yoga poses such as downward dog into cobra and cat-cow are perfect. A dynamic yoga flow is also a great option.

Follow stretching with movements such as:

  • High knees
  • Leg swings
  • Jumping jacks
  • Jump rope

A great warm-up is primed with movements that will be similar to the ones you will perform during your workout and target the muscles that you will be using.

  • Bodyweight squats and/or squat jumps
  • Max plank
  • Mountain climber
  • Bodyweight hip thrusts
  • Wall pushups

Warming up is the step that is often missed, and we should be more intentional with incorporating one in because it will make our performance, recovery, and injury prevention all that much better.

For group fitness classes and premier personal trainers who care about the warm-up as much as the workout, connect with us today!