How incorporating mobility into your exercise routine can prevent injuries and increase your strength.


In a previous post, we examined why a warm-up is a crucial piece to your fitness, but one that is often neglected. Mobility and a warm-up are like cousins, while a warm-up primes you for your workout, mobility can take your workout to a new level.


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Up Your Fitness Through Mobility Training


If your workouts consist of both conditioning and lifting work, you may be missing that extra element that ties your fitness altogether — what you are missing is mobility. Conditioning and lifting expertly build muscle and endurance but at some point, you need to be able to move all that muscle and meat around — and mobility is the answer.


When people think of mobility and flexibility they often think of dancers and avid yogis, but mobility is not at all what you think. Mobility is one of the key components to professional athletes workout regimens. What do you think happens after a grueling round of muscle-ups or handstand pushups, do they just go lay on the couch? No, they’ll perform mobility work to improve strength and performance.


Want a better range of motion (ROM)? Implement mobility!


When you include mobility work on between workouts on active rest days or as a part of your workout, you can ensure you will be performing your best and decrease your risk of injury.


ROM can inhibit performance because if you can’t get in the proper form or position for a lift or exercise, you can’t engage the correct muscles which increase your risk for injury. So, to see gains, mobility is your meal ticket!


So, why aren’t people doing more mobility?


Many times, people have fitness goals such as fat loss and muscle gain and can easily get in a fixed mindset, when really mobility enhances these goals. It is becoming more popular with many fitness experts and professional athletes as they are helping to rewrite the narrative of what mobility is and why we need it.


What is mobility training?


Mobility takes the form of many kinds of movement from walking lunges and stretching to dancing it out and bear crawls — it is simply a movement that increases your ROM and helps you to control your muscles at each joint. And though mobility and flexibility are very close, they are not the same — mobility increases flexibility so you can jump higher and squat deeper.  


Why start with mobility now?


It is never too late to start mobility work and it is important to start it because we are surrounded by static activity, namely in the jobs and careers we have. We are constantly sitting at a desk or in front of a TV, computer, or phone, and in this, our bodies get tight and only a certain number of muscles are activated throughout our day.


As we incorporate more fluid, intentional mobility movements, we won’t feel as tight and we can better perform daily tasks and workouts.


More movement is always better!


To learn more mobility techniques and learn how to workout safely and effectively, reach out today!