A new age world with easy access and everything at our fingertips. People eating more, moving less. More time spent watching tv and playing on electronics and less time playing outside. Never home, driving thru the drive thru, making something quick in a box or throwing a tv dinner in the microwave. The days pass you buy in a blur.

At one time this was the story of my family.  As time has gone by all of these things have faded, except one thing still remains, we are still just as busy. Except we have learned to make time for the important things.  God, family, fitness, and friends.

It has taken us years to get to where we are today.  6 to be exact. Even though sometimes it looks like we have it all together, we don’t and the things we do have together didn’t happen overnight. What is it that they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  It began with one simple change one day at a time.  It wasn’t easy it was hard, and my kids and husband resisted me every step of the way until they didn’t, and it just became our way of life.

First, we started making substitutions for foods and condiments. I didn’t just go and throw everything away and I didn’t just remove everything at once these things have to be done slowly.  We would add new things here and there. I started researching foods that we hadn’t tried before because I wasn’t sure how to cook them eggplant, artichokes, parsnips, to name a few and we started adding variety to our diet.  The next change was taking things that my kids loved and finding healthier better alternatives to the boxed stuff. Muffins, goldfish, fruit snacks, potato chips, pancakes, and waffles. Alternatives for the kids was probably the hardest change of all and a lot of trial and error on my part.

We stopped eating out. For a while we just would never eat out but since then we have found a balance to eating out. There are about 5 fast food places that we may go to in a pinch.  When we go to a nicer restaurant we try and find a fresh, non-chain (if possible farm to table) restaurant. Most important we make eating out a fun, guilt free family experience.

So, remember “Eating well isn’t about perfection, some days you’re going to eat to much, some days to little, and somedays you’re going to eat pizza. Guess what? That’s okay there’s room for every type of food in a balanced diet.” Happy healthy eating.

-Meagan B, Nutrition Coach