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My goal for clients is to improve the health and skill related benefits that come from performing regular exercise. My style of training is functional based with the goal of increasing muscle mass, decreasing fat mass, improving mobility and stability. Functional strength training will increase the capacity to perform work, improve coordination and balance, and reduce the risk of injury. I want clients feeling better about performing activities of daily living but most importantly feeling better about themselves.
If you are interested in a free trial session or want to contact me with any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.


My fitness career started at a young age. It just clicked, and I started eating healthier and lifting weights. Fast track 10 years, I have tried every exercise program and “diet.” My goal, is to help everyone from high level athletes to your everyday person sift through the lies of social media and fitness “gurus” to educate you what is right and what does work. I specialize in macro nutrition coaching and functional fitness. Whether you want to find balance with your lifestyle and nutrition, lose some weight and gain confidence, physique goals or want to compete in functional fitness lets chat!

CFSC, CF-LV1, ETP, USAW, OPEX CCP(in process), Jason Phillips Nutrition Mentorship


I was born in the Philippine Islands, in the province of Pampanga. This is where I grew up and competed in Martial Arts such as Kick Boxing and Muay Thai. When I moved from the Philippines to the United States of America, I quickly became obese (240lbs @ 10 years of age) due to the easily accessed food. After realizing that I was unhealthy and over-weight, I began my fitness journey at the age of 10 years old. I began with traditional body-building, which led me to competing in powerlifting. After a few meets I was introduced to Olympic weightlifting, and soon after I started Crossfit. I specialize in functional fitness and power/Olympic weightlifting. My goal is to show people how to improve their quality of life through functional exercise and nutrition.

  • Pursuing B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis of Sport and Nutrition at North Georgia
  • Crossfit Level 1 Certified Trainer
  • Mixed Martial Art Instructor
  • Various belts in Taekwondo, Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo
  • Has and currently competes in :
    • Crossfit
    • Mixed Martial Arts
    • Olympic Weightlifting
    • Power Lifting
    • Body Building


I was born and raised right here in Georgia, Go Dawgs! I have four daughters and my husband supporting me at home. While balancing a family and a career may be tough sometimes; I believe that finding time for yourself and your health is important, plus it is important for me to set a great example for my daughters. I live eat, and breath fitness every day of my life. I fell in love with fitness and wanted to share my love for it with others who aspire to become a better, stronger version of themselves. I believe exercise and nutrition are fundamental to living a well-balanced life. I began teaching classes in October of 2017. I love to keep my classes alive and fresh by challenging attendees according to their personal fitness level, while making sure that each workout engages and helps the client improve everyday physical performance. As we work together I look forward to partnering with you to aid you in developing a deeper, more complete understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you in order to implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, balance and health.

CPR/AED Certified, Precision Nutrition Certification in progress


I fell in love with yoga almost four years ago. I had a wonderful teacher who was kind, and patient hand me this gift- yoga. Through my yoga practice I keep my body feeling good, and my mind feeling centered. I would love to share my passion of yoga with you! I specialize in yoga for beginners, and love practicing sequences that flow holding poses for 3-5 breaths. I also enjoy doing a “yin” yoga style where poses are held anywhere from a minute to five minutes. I can cater a practice to any fitness level, age, or stage of life! Not only will yoga keep your physical body strong, but also it will help reduce stress. I also love to guide people into a relaxed state with guided breathing, and different relaxation techniques. Outside of yoga, I love helping people live their BEST life- and can counsel anyone through this lovely journey called life. A life coach is a wonderful asset to have during any stage of life.  I can also help you reach your nutrition goals- if it were fueling your body for everyday life and the gym, or helping guide you through your weight loss journey.
I look forward to helping you find and unlock your “inner teacher.”

“The light in me honors the light in you…. Namaste.”

AFPA Yoga Instructor


I started my fitness journey when I was in 7th grade going out for middle school football, but I never knew I wanted to be a strength coach until 2010 when I was in college talking to the University of Georgia football Strength Coach at the time, Joe Tereshinski. This is when I began to learn all the aspects of strength and conditioning. Fast forward five years and I graduated from Georgia State in May of 2015 with a B.S in Exercise and Sports Science. I then started an internship with the University of Georgia football strength staff, this time under Scott Sinclair. I worked with SEC championship athletes including Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Lorenzo Carter, Davin Bellamy, etc. From there I started another internship at Greater Atlanta Christian School under legendary strength coach Gary Schofield. With these experiences, I learned the difference between training elite athletes and training people just starting their fitness journey. As fun as training athletes was, I really enjoy training people in the general population and I can’t wait to start a fitness journey with you.


I was raised in Dacula, Georgia. Where I played sports my whole life. In high school I was a 3 sport athlete in football, basketball and lacrosse. I was then fortunate enough to go play lacrosse at the collegiate level. My athletic career has blessed me with many of opportunities. With those opportunities I’ve come across a lot of teachers and experiences that have helped me grow physically and mentally as well. My goal is not only for the client to crush their goals but to continue to seek growth and balance in all aspects of their life. My training style is functional fitness, increasing muscle mass and strength, sports performance, and weight loss. I also do nutrition coaching where I will be with you step by step as we change the way you eat. Leading to a sustainable diet that you will enjoy. If you are interested in a free trial or want to contact me with any questions email me.

 B.S in Kinesiology, NASM-CPT; pursuing ACSM-EP


Hey my name is Luke Jones.  I am a full time Firefighter for Barrow county and a nutrition coach for Forge-Rx! I grew up always playing any type of sports that I could and always stayed active, but I never fueled my body like I should of. It wasn’t until college that I started really making nutrition and fitness my lifestyle and it has helped me really enjoy life. From increasing my self-confidence, to creating new long lasting friendships, and overall my mental discipline. I have been a personal trainer for 4 years. As a personal trainer you don’t have to know just about the exercises, muscle structures, and development. You also need to know what type of fuel (food) your client needs to fuel their body! My Philosophy on nutrition and life is your body is a Ferrari. You respect, you admire, and you take great care of a Ferrari. You wouldn’t to put regular unleaded fuel in it. You would want to put the best supreme fuel in your Ferrari! You want that Ferrari to run at its top condition, and last forever! Same with your body if you fill your body with unleaded fuel (food) it might not run as fast, or strong, or as long as you like. So let me help you in showing you what type of supreme fuel you need to be eating to become the best you can be!


Health and fitness started for me as a high school athlete, and a parent that was a trainer. And though it wasn’t my first career choice, life has brought it back full circle! I started my career in Culinary Arts and received my B.A. from The Culinary Institute of America; NY. I then moved to California, starting in Napa Valley and ending in Los Angeles. There I worked for world-renowned, Chef Thomas Keller. After working my way up within the restaurant group and opening 2 new establishments, I left to pursue my own passion projects in Holistic Health and Wellness. I became enthralled with the idea of improving my quality of life and personal health through what I ate and lifestyle changes(Restaurant life is a tough life!). There began my journey of sharing my milestones with others, and in turn helping them make life changing habits for themselves! My meal prep company, Premier Palate, is my way of sharing my love for food, and my desire to help others improve their quality life by providing them quality meals!