Don’t make this complicated.

If you’re working with a nutrition coach already and you’re in the trenches with tracking your macros, don’t overthink the process. Perhaps you’re newer to this whole idea. Nutrition is a very dense topic for certain, but you certainly don’t have to seek out the complexities of biochemistry, metabolism, and thermodynamics to see results from your diet.

Below I will briefly lay out 3 simple ways to make counting your macros easier and get you closer to your goals.

  1. Plan your day out ahead of time. This will make you the fortune teller of your own day! After I have my breakfast, which usually consists of similar food items for ease of tracking and preference, I will lay out the food that I’ve prepared for lunch. I log the food in BEFORE I eat it so I know exactly how my day will play out before it actually plays out. This allows for me to plan what my dinner could potentially be and I’m not stressing whether or not I will hit my macros as the day draws to an end.
  2. Utilize community. If you are a part of our private nutrition Facebook page at Forge-Rx, then you have undoubtedly seen the benefit of having others share their journey and experience with the group. All of those delicious recipes and food hacks are priceless! Get in a group and mingle to find what is working for others. Even I, as a coach, have learned a LOT from clients that are in nutrition groups, whether I coach them or not. It’s always a learning experience.
  3. Have fun with the process! I’ve seen so many people get frustrated or impatient with bettering their eating and lifestyle habits. Here’s the deal; no one got in the bad shape he/she is in in a matter of weeks, so it’s obvious that the same person will not get into incredible shape in a similar or lesser time frame. Investing in your long term health is a lifelong journey and you’re worth the investment! Your decisions now will either bankrupt your health or compound into a sustainable lifestyle of healthy choices. So enjoy the process of becoming a better version of yourself every day, and don’t let outside circumstances deter you from the happiness that comes with greater health and quality of life.

Thanks for reading! This is far from being an exhaustive list, but I thought it necessary to share these tips in particular with you. Don’t lose sight of your goals! If you aren’t already working with us on your nutrition, it’s one of the single most important pieces of your fitness and health puzzle. Without it, you don’t have the complete picture. Let us help you get on track to smashing your goals so we can set new ones!

-Tyler Wright