Think about moving poorly like smoking cigarettes. Moving poorly once just like smoking one cigarette isn’t going to kill us, but doing it over a lifetime is going to have its consequences. Mobilizing, stretching, breathing, and doing anything else to help clean up your training exercises are all great. But if you practice these movements for 10 minutes a day, then spend the rest of your day moving like crap it really doesn’t matter how many corrective exercises you do. If you want to correct the way you move and function in your training, then you must attack these issues 24/7. Am I saying to go do a downward dog while you’re standing in the grocery line? No, of course not, but if you do decide to do that props to you, and please film it. Here are some things you may be doing every day that are hindering your training, making you feel bad, and disabling you from being a contestant on the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

 1. Thoracic Spine Round While Sitting: Dr. Stuart McGill says it takes only 20 minutes of bad posture to make changes in tissue length. A rounded and poor functioning thoracic spine can limit your ability to squat, push overhead, deadlift, and bench press among other things. It also makes you look like Quasimodo, and you won’t be getting the girl in real life.

 2. Forward Head Lean while looking at your phone: It’s a cell phone world and we are just living in it. From text messages, to social media, to “dating” apps, humans look down now more now than ever. Having a cranky neck and lacking the ability to keep your head in line with your shoulders and your hips makes for a hell of a time doing anything in the gym.

3. Sitting in the Hip: Usually people sit in their hip while holding a baby, while looking at their phones, or practicing their angry “I’m in a sorority pose.” Whatever you reasoning just stop. Sitting into one hip can cause asymmetries in the hip which can lead to a whole list of problems of which I’ll have to devote another blog to.

4. Sitting all day: If sitting is the new smoking what do you think sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day does with an extra 1 hour commute in the car? Get up and move, stand and work if you can. Set a timer for every half hour to stand and move around if you are forced to sit.

5. Picking things up with a rounded lumbar: Not going to make a lot of guarantees but I would place a lot of money on all of us knowing at least one person who has hurt their lower back by picking an object up in a poor fashion. Practice your good movements throughout the day. If your picking up an object then work on your hip hinge. If you hold something overhead engage your core and be sure you have stability throughout the shoulder, if you poop everyday (and I hope for your sake you do) stand up correctly out of the squat. Just be careful as to how hard you squeeze those glutes at the top.

 Conclusion: Moving better starts with us knowing how to move, and once you have that down don’t just do it in the gym, reinforce those movements every day. Remember the cigarettes, having just one isn’t going to kill us, neither is moving bad once, but a life time of moving bad will have negative consequences on your body, and can cause a lot of unnecessary pain and agony.

 I hope this was the best thing you read today, and if not I am just really happy you read this far,

Brett Cummins

Trainer at Forge- RX