CrossFit is Dangerous:

People believe each CrossFit gym is the same. Well, that’s bologna. Just like any fitness facility there are going to be good and bad ones. The best way to find the right gym for you is to go gym shopping. Make sure the coach is knowledgeable, puts you through a movement assessment before joining in a group class and make sure the coach isn’t on Instagram instead of instructing. The danger in CrossFit are the gyms which allow athletes to perform movements and may not have the mobility or strength for them.

You have to be athletic to do CrossFit:

This is like saying you have to know everything before you go to school. Exercise, no matter your athletic ability or age is important. Yes, CrossFit involves weightlifting, gymnastics and other challenging movements, but as with any exercise movement there are progressions and regressions to start you at your fitness level and build on. Nothing great was built in a comfort zone, a challenge can be good for you!

You need to be in shape to do CrossFIt:

This is similar to the previous point. The beauty of CrossFit is the wide array of people you see walk into a box who do CrossFit. Each person begins somewhere and progresses.

CrossFit isn’t for the elderly:

What has been really cool to see is how popular CrossFit has become with the baby boomers. They have realized the importance of a strength training routine, and with the scalability of CrossFit Movements in a given program. Just this year at the 2016 CrossFit Games, there were 40 athletes OVER THE RIPE AGE OF 60! The female champion of the 60+ age division was just 63 years young!

CrossFitters ONLY do CrossFit:

CrossFit is about functional fitness and preparing for the unknown. The purpose is to prepare you for everyday life. People who do CrossFit are pretty gung ho about their daily WODs (Workout of the Day), but are always game to try new things.

CrossFit the training program and CrossFit the sport are the same:

The athletes you see on ESPN at the CrossFit Games are the 1%ers. What is really amazing, are the other 99% of the people who come in everyday and use CrossFit as their workout routine. Not only are they just looking to get healthier and move better, but there is also a huge community that stands behind them in support of the same thing.

As a woman, if I do CrossFit, I’ll get bulky:

1st off; what is wrong with muscles? Muscle are sexy! Not only are muscles great for bone health and posture, but also for confidence. Just to get a little science-y with you, women do not have the capability to carry the muscle mass like men, and they do not have the same level of testosterone. Again, back to the 1% of females you see on ESPN who are PROFESSIONAL athletes, these women are training multiple times a day so that they CAN lift the heaviest and run the fastest. So, don’t stress out and get off the treadmill!

CrossFit is a Fad:

The number of affiliates across the world are over 10,000 now! CrossFit is addicting, sometimes can seem a bit cult-ish at times. It is hard to explain what keeps you coming back for more as you lay on the ground panting and sweating after an intense workout. All I can say is if you are someone who is remotely close to being interested in CrossFit, the best way to get a feel for what this soprt truly is.. you’ll have to try it for yourself!