Les Mills Grit Launch – January 15th

Les Mills GRIT is FINALLY HERE! This kick off is FREE TO THE PUBLIC! The Les Mills Grit kick-off will be January 15th at 7-8pm & take place inside the CrossFit Winder building (attached to Forge-Rx). This launch will give you a taste of all three series within the Grit Program; strength, cardio and plyometrics.

After the launch, Grit will be offered as part of our Group Fitness package.

Come try out the FREE launch for yourself and bring a friend!

Join a movement that will push you to your limits and transform your body!

Les Mills Group Fitness Launch – January 18th

On January 18th, our Group Fitness Team will be hosting our 2nd FREE TO THE PUBLIC launch of all new Les Mills group fitness classes! The Launch will be from 10:00-11:30AM and will introduce all new music, and choreography for the new upcoming schedule. This 90 minute class will feature new moves from BodyPump, Body Attack, Body Jam and Yoga.

There will also be a 45 minute RPM launch at 6pm as well.

*All other regularly scheduled classes for Jan 18th are cancelled.