Heck yeah this blog is about how to build a butt! Other than the ladies want it and guys love it, the booty is super important for lower body function. So, let’s get off our rear, get to hip bridging, and dive in!

But first, let’s chat a little about anatomy and bio mechanics. Bear with me, I won’t go to deep, so try and stay awake.

What muscles does your rump consist off?

“This blog hasn’t even started and this guy has already used 3 different names for the glutes.”

Yeah, I know!

I digress…

So you’re “assets” consists of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

You never hear a song about a small butt, am I right? So, what exactly does it do?

The Wikipedia definition of what the gluteal muscles do:

“The functions of the muscles include extension, abduction, lateral (external) rotation and medial (internal) rotation of the hip joint. The maximus also supports the extended knee through the iliotibial tract.”

That’s cool? I guess.

Let’s get real, the glutes are there to run faster, jump higher, be an athlete and look dang good in a bathing suit.

“Well then how to we build it, Evan?!”

A lot of volume and hypertrophy rep ranges.

Volume means work times sets times reps.

What does this mean?

You want to hit your lower half, especially isolate the glutes at least 2 to 3 times per week as well as stay in the rep range of 8-12 sometimes going lower and sometimes a little higher.

And just like any gains when it comes to your body composition, be patient, unless you have crazy genetics where you literally can touch a barbell and you grow. Those people are out there!

Also, don’t forget to eat to fuel your training, recover and grow.

None of that low carb nonsense.

Want a sample workout?


Here ya go:

Lower Body Training session:

*I would at least do two lower body training session and maybe hit some accessory work that won’t beat you up to bad like mini band work on off days.

A1) Back Squat: 3×8 reps

B2) Glute Bridges: 3×8 with a 2 sec pause at full hip extension

C3) RDL: 3X10

D1)  lunges: 3×20 total reps

D2) Banded glute bridges (set up a thick band in a squat rack): 3×15 reps

D3) Mini band lateral walks: 3 x 15 per side

That last part is a tri-set and will light your booty up!

Like what you see? Need help building a booty?

Email me at evan@forge-rx.com

-Evan, nutrition and training coach