Since summer is coming to an end, it’s time for people to start bulking for the winter and putting on some serious mass. It’s never too early to start prepping for Spring Break. Everyone knows that having a big muscular chest shows off your hard work and how strong you are to the ladies on the beach. Haha… ok that one made me laugh. But seriously, if you want to really build a sculpted chest, there are other important movements than the bench press and pushups. Don’t get me wrong those are amazing movements, but we can throw in a few extra training methods to take your chest workout to the next level.

A great way to hit the chest is to mix up the angles. Throwing in some incline and decline presses, dumbbell flys, plate squeeze presses, and dips are all easy ways to improve your chest, as they hit the pecks from multiple angles and guarantee the chest is going through a full range of motion which can be difficult from normal bench press.  To add some more volume to your workouts Tony Gentlicore suggests doing a set at 60% of the working weight for as many reps as possible to finish the set. This will give you a pump and much need volume after doing the heavy sets.

Another way is to add some slow eccentric sets says, Christian Thibaudeau’s Accentuated Eccentric Training article, from T-Nation. He says, “This technique is fairly simple: using a moderate to heavy load (60-85% of your max) you execute a super slow yielding phase while lifting (overcoming) the bar explosively.” The following table gives you the parameters to use depending on the load you select:

Load Yielding Portion Reps/Set Load Yielding portion Reps/Set
60% 14 sec. 3 75% 8 sec. 2
65% 12 sec. 3 80% 6 sec. 1
70% 10 sec. 2 85% 4 sec. 1

This type of accentuated eccentric training is fairly easy to do and can yield impressive muscle size and tendon strength improvements.

Mix these few methods into your workout and watch the size and strength of your chest grown.

– Cody Temples

Personal Trainer



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