Most people want results yesterday. More times than not it doesn’t work that way. You must put in hard, deliberate work to achieve your goals. This concept is applicable in many settings, but for the scope of this short blog it will about athletic training. I say training because it is exercise with a guided purpose — an end in mind.

If you want to get stronger, you must make sure that you’re doing the proper exercises with the proper loading and rep scheme for you, the individual, to get stronger. Granted there are some basic guidelines that most everyone can follow and get stronger. There are always outliers who must do things a little differently to reap the same stimulus and adaptations. These individuals are typically the folks who have an older trading age — or how long they’ve been training. These people require more specificity to get the coveted rewards of their hard labor.

But I digress. You get the point, right? Do what it takes for YOU to get stronger, faster, bigger, slimmer, more aerobically fit, etc. Don’t shy away from the hard work. Also, don’t shy away from the small things such as mobility, correctives, accessory work that make sure you are a healthy and balanced person for years to come. It may be mentally and emotionally hard to make yourself get around to doing these prefab/rehab style exercises on a regular basis because they’re not as fun, but they’re worth it.

It doesn’t matter where you fall on the training spectrum, we all require the same basics principles to improve our performance and or physique. The only difference is the degree of which each individual needs these things.

Here’s to doing the small and big things right, with intent and determination. Trust the process and, if you have a good coach, you will see progress.

-Tyler Wright CFL1, CFG, JPN