So here we are, two days after Valentines Day and if you’re anything like me you probably spent it with your one true love, and his name is GYM.. am I right?

Gym the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to you.

Gym gives you all the amenities you could ask for, but leaves you completely confused on what to do when you see him.

But some way or another, Gym always leaves you wanting more. Which is why you love GYM.

Seriously though ladies, we’ve probably heard the same thing coming from our girlfriends at one time or another about some relationship we thought was the end of the world- but I am here to intervene those feelings with Gym! Because Gym is here FOR YOU! It just helps to understand him a little better 😉

It’s easy to get confused about exercises or movements when Fitness is not your profession, no different than you going to the doctor for an illness because you aren’t sure what to do about it. Which is way first and foremost I will always recommend that if you are a serious Fitness Go-er or someone who is really looking to improve their lifestyle through movement, to hire a professional. Not all movements are created equal and having a coach to decide what movements and exercises are best for your body mechanics will always be a better option than trying everything and seeing what sticks.

Now with all of that being said; and seeing as how we are on the tail end of Valentines Day I figured I would give you a list of movements you can PAIR together (see what I did there? 😉 to make your workout that much more awesome! The beauty of a Super Set (when you pair two movements together),allows you to work two muscle groups, in a short amount of time. While you are working one group, the other is resting and vis versa. This can save you ALOT of time in the gym as well as increase your heart rate a little more.

You can do this with Lower Body & Upper Body Movements (as shown below) or you can do this with two opposing Upper Body or Lower Body Movements (pushup and a pullup), etc…!

Give these super sets a try!

A1.10-12 Goblet Squat
rest 60seconds
A2.10 Single Arm Standing Cable Rows / arm
rest 60seconds
X 3 Sets

A1. 10-12 Staggered Stance RDLs / side
*Rest 60seconds
A2. 10-12 Pushups
*rest 90seconds
x 3 Sets

A1. 10-12 Standing Bicep Curl to Press Overhead
*rest 60seconds
A2. 20 Walking Lunges – Alternating Steps
*rest 60seconds

A1. 20sec Airdyne @ 100% effort
*rest 20seconds
A2. 20m KB Front Rack Carry
*rest 45seconds
x 4 sets

Allison McKail White
Trainer, Forge-Rx