Far and away the most common trait I see, in regards to success or failure in dieting, is apathy. Come to think of it, it’s the cause for many of life’s stagnant droughts and setbacks. Apathy has a very deep meaning that spreads across more subjects than just dietary adherence, but is definitely still applicable. The lack of motivation, drive or enthusiasm about making the necessary lifestyle choices to achieve “the goal” you so proclaim to desire is rampant among this generation. But why?

Understanding Your Apathy

Obviously this blog is speaking from opinion, but I along with everyone else who’s ever lived have struggled with some degree of apathy in some area of their lives. My thoughts on this could take a few routes, but I’ll keep it simple for respect of the reader’s time. The true reason for most people’s apathy, in my opinion, could come from either not having enough intrinsically motivating factors or they just don’t really want it that bad. The third viable option could be due to the time it generally takes to get quality, lasting results from diet and exercise. In other words, everyone wants what they want, now. Thanks technology!

Intrinsic Motivation

This is your personal why — not the why that others have for you or the cliches of Insta-famous stars. Intrinsic motivation is the thing or things that create that urgency deep within you to get to work — the fire in your gut that won’t let you quit. Don’t have that? You may want to check yo’self before you wreck yo’self. Really though, why put yourself through emotional turmoil for a goal that’s not even your own. Ask yourself the hard questions and get to work on you and your goals.

Not Wanting “It” That Bad

I’ll keep this section brief, as I think that it falls into the same sub-category as lack of intrinsic motivation. Basically, whatever your “It” is, you’d better want it really bad, otherwise you may not stick out the process for the long haul. This is where ALL the mojo is found.

It’s Taking Too Long

I’m sorry that your body isn’t a drive through window away from looking like a Greek god or goddess (literally and figuratively). Why is it that most people think that getting healthy and fit should be simple and fast. Granted, in most cases it is simple. Just get to work and it will happen. Making healthy choices is simple, once you know what the right choice is. However, you’d have to tell yourself that you’re ready and willing to make that decision. That’s the simple part. The hard part is sticking to it long enough to actually see the fruits of your labor. I’ve been at this for almost 3 years now and can emphatically say, I was apathetic toward this subject before making it a priority to stick to the process. How did I come to such a conclusion? I was chasing athletic performance and realized that I couldn’t realistically reach my goals if I didn’t fuel my body the way that it needed to be fueled.

This blog isn’t just about performance though, it’s about your goals. It’s me challenging you to ask yourself the hard questions and giving your best effort toward whatever answer you give yourself. You have control of the situation. You have control over your health — whatever degree of health you may have. There is always a good decision and a poor decision to be made. Which decision will you make?

-Tyler, tyler@forge-rx.com