Mindful or Intuitive eating. Are you able to listen to your hunger signals, enjoy your food and not over eat? This is something I really struggle to do, so I wanted to give you some tips that I have been using that have really been helping. Here we go:
1. Consume water 30 minutes before your meal
“Come on man, don’t play with me. That’s totally bro science.”
First off, I don’t play. Second, it’s totally not bro! There is research that shows drinking a tall glass of water 30 minutes prior to your meal has shown to reduce calories at your next meal.
2. Chew slow
I am officially the worst at this. I have always been a fast eater and before I know it I have scarfed down my plate, your plate and had seconds. Slow that sh*t down. Put your fork down and enjoy your food. Break the food down into very small pieces then swallow before you pick your fork up to take your next bite. And wipe your face off, BECAUSE WE BOTH KNOW you got food on your face hehe.
3. Eat until 80% full
This is really where mindful eating comes into play. Plus, we are piggy backing off #2. If we eat slow, chew our food we will let our hunger signals catch up. If we eat really fast then we have a tendency to over eat. Then when you finally get a ringing in your brain that you are full it’s too late! Learn to stop before your belly is so stretched out its uncomfortable. I know you have been there. Learn to eat to 80% full.
4. Satisfied but not stuffed
Again, piggy backing off #2 and #3. If we chew slow, stop at 80% full we won’t stuff our face. But, I also think what can make a huge difference in learning to be satisfied is to not deprive yourself of food. If you diet, don’t take foods completely out. Have them in moderation, because if you completely take them out and re-enter them back into your diet you will definitely over eat until you are stuffed. This is because you never get the fun foods you like. I say this with my own personal experience. Be smarter than me.
5. Focus
Focus on the task at hand and eliminate distractions. Try and minimize things like watching T.V., answering emails or even taking phone calls. Sit down and eat for 20-30 minutes. I am horrible at making a meal a stepping stone to my next project. I never sit down to enjoy my food and end up hungry in an hour.
Well, I hope these simple tips help you become more mindful at your next meal. Talk to you soon!
– Evan, evan@forge-rx.com