A client recently asked during one of our training sessions…

“So, what are these macro calculators?”

“I filled out the info it asked and it shot out different numbers than what you gave me?”

Basically, you can go online to “Insert website name” and get your macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbs) calculated depending on the questions it asks and info you give it.

There are plenty of sites out there, some are free and some are super cheap.

I am not writing this to say why I am way better than a macro calculator or bash it in anyway.

You could actually get great results doing this. Seriously, go give it a try! I am not stopping you.

But, I will tell you why this might not work for you.

For example, I have plenty of clients that under eat. They take in around 50 grams of protein a day instead of 100 grams plus (So many reasons why protein is important). If you average 50 grams a day and this macro calculator tells you to take in 135 grams of protein that’s a pretty tough hill to climb. Instead, for a lot of my clients I have to reverse them out of where they are to my goal of where I want them to be. We slowwwwwwly build them up every so often when they become comfortable with each new protein goal.

The second point I want to make is that there could be two completely different people looking at those numbers when they get shot back at them. There could be someone who understands macronutrients, flexible dieting, when and what to eat and so on. Then, there is the person who heard about flexible dieting and figured they would give it a shot. It sounded interesting and something that could work for their lifestyle? But, WTF do I do from here?! This is where you need someone to walk you through the process. A coach to teach you how to track in my fitness pal, what are proteins, fats and carbs, when and what kinds of foods to eat, and so on. You don’t get that from a free calculator.

The last point I want to make is accountability. After you get your numbers back from the site that’s really it. There might be a Facebook group you can get added to or something? But what will you do when the weight loss journey gets tough? The website won’t be there to help you. Even the strong willed and highly motivated people fall off the wagon sometimes. Then what are you doing to do? Again, this is where having a coach to talk to and discuss what’s going on is key. That coach can listen, hear your struggles and implement strategies to keep you pushing forward. I talk with my clients every 10 days(in person/or phone) with unlimited email access to me.

Do you get my drift? I hope I shed some light on the difference between a nutrition coach and a macro calculator.

  • Evan, evan@forge-rx.com