I have been traveling a lot. Going from city to city and staying in all shapes and sizes of hotels.

One of the last hotels I stayed in…let’s just say…the a/c wasn’t working that well.
But hey! You got to look on the bright side. I was in the beautiful city of San Diego.
Now, just because I have been traveling doesn’t mean my nutrition and training goes out the window.

This is a lifestyle, right?

First off, when I arrive to my destination I always scope out the closest gym.

Most gyms have a day pass you can purchase to get your pump on. Get your workout done in the morning. Don’t wait after a long day.

I try to keep them short and sweet, usually upper/ lower body splits, reps between 8-12 and minimal rest.

I will work up to a challenging weight, knock out 2 sets, and move on.

Usually I try and incorporate new exercises and machines I normally don’t do at my home town gym (Forge-Rx).

This allows me to change it up and have some fun.

That way I can get in and out, on with my day, and see the city or plan for the event I am attending.

Now let’s chat nutrition.

Routines are key I believe, or having an idea of the foods you know you can eat when traveling to stay on track.

For example:

Just about any breakfast spot you can get an omelet with tons of veggies or something simple like 2 whole eggs, some egg whites, throw some spinach in there, 2 pieces of bacon, toast and side of fruit.

Finding a steak spot to get a juicy steak, baked potato and asparagus.

Sushi? A great post workout meal. Get a couple rolls (keep it simple, no fried) and some edamame for a starter (a nice little protein source).

Hotel got a fridge and microwave? Get some deli meat, fruit, snacks and purchase some low calorie meals like lean cuisine’s to heat up (The macronutrient profiles don’t suck).


Chipotle. Ahhhhh, I love me some Chipotle!

Get you a fat bowl of rice, fajita veggies, chicken, pico de gallo and lettuce. Add some guacamole if you are feeling feisty.

Chipotle and most restaurants these days have nutrition calculators and their nutritional information on their site so you can check beforehand you are making a reasonable choice.
There you have it. No reason to fall off the wagon while traveling.

– Evan