It is Thanksgiving. The time for friends, family and food.

Hold up…let’s be honest…it’s all about the food.


I am BEYOND grateful that I could to do what I do every day which is help people find balance with their life through fitness and health. I couldn’t be more blessed I get paid to do what I love!

With that being said, here are some simple tips you can follow on Thanksgiving to make sure you enjoy yourself, eat the foods you want, minimize weight gain and get back on track tomorrow

  1. MOVE

I already got my one hour walk with my dogs. Most gyms are closed today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a morning walk or pre/post Thanksgiving meal stroll. Or, get creative, you can always do some push-ups, squats, lunges, bridges and planks in your living room.

  1. Fast

Today and other holiday feasts are the only time I recommend fasting. NOT, until the big meal, but I know for my family we don’t eat until 2pm, which means you could wait to eat your first meal until you are hungry. This allows you to have a smaller window to eat, which will then allow you to not over eat. If the big meal is at 2 you could have coffee in the morning to hold you over, a protein and veggie feeding and then enjoy yourself.

  1. Moderation

I know it will not be easy, but try to practice moderation. With the previous recommendation you hopefully won’t be super hungry which means you won’t over eat. Portion out your plate how you want to and try to eat slow and listen to your hunger signals. Eat when you are full BUT not stuffed.

  1. Mindset

This last tip is the most important. Today is a time to take a break from your diet and enjoy yourself. You have been working your butt off and IT IS OK to take a break. DON’T YOU DARE bring Tupperware to the party and eat your “healthy meal.” Have fun and guess what? Just get back on track tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up if you over ate. One day will not kill your gains.

Thankful for you, Evan.