What do I mean by that exactly? Well, you tell me.

It can go one of two ways.

Getting fitter so that everyday tasks become much easier i.e (moving furniture, bringing all your groceries inside in one trip, opening the pickle jar, etc..) or the ability to continue moving / training for the duration of your life.

Being healthy and moving without pain should be a long-term goal for EVERYONE, no matter your age. That’s right, even someone who is 85 years old should strive to live pain free, although, given individual circumstances this might not always be the case.. but think about how many of your grandparents, or great grandparents have a hard time just standing up from getting off the couch? Or all those “bro’s” who don’t squat because it “hurts their knees”.

Seems like a pretty simple concept right, living pain free?  So then why do so many of us wake up with daily back pain, or shoulder pain, or just overall body aches, and think “it is what it is?”

Because many of us think that being in pain, is NORMAL.

Think about that. How many aches and pains do you have that you just tend to shrug off because it’s a normal for you? Why are you okay with that? Why are you okay with hurting?

Our bodies hurt, because we don’t move them the way we should, and we aren’t feeding them the way they are intended to be fed. Our backs hurt because we sit too much, our shoulders hurt because we slouch and text, our neck hurts because that’s where we carry our stress – it’s all connected, and we need to do something about it.

Our bodies are machines that need regular maintenance to function properly and no different than a car, when you start to neglect those “warning lights” i.e: the pain you are feeling, things start to break down and because everything in our bodies are connected, wherever the pain starts – doesn’t just end there.

Finding someone who can help correct those problems specific to you, is a where you start. The majority of these pains people have everyday, can be SOLVED with simple corrective exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joint or mobilizing areas that have gone used and tightened up over time.

Using Fitness and Nutrition to help fix what is right now an everyday problem for you could help go even further by positively impacting your Wellness as well.

Training for LIFE – becomes an inner mantra. It’s about sustainability, and what you do now lays the foundation for your tomorrow.  Tomorrow can be pain free, you just have to choose to do something about it.

-Allison White