I have been traveling a lot lately and I wanted to share some quick tips I use to allow me to stay on track with my diet and body composition.

Before I begin I just want to say a couple things:


The only time I track my macronutrients while traveling is if it is a work trip and my body composition goals are at a serious stage in the year. For example, maybe I have a competition coming up where I need to stay on track and focused.


If you have been consistent with your diet for a good 8-12 weeks and you are planning on traveling for vacation YOU BETTER NOT BE TRACKING!!!!!

Enjoy yourself. This is the time to take a break from My Fitness Pal, the food scale and anything else that is tedious.

On Vacation, all I care about is keeping my protein high, being as active as I can and being mindful.

What does being mindful mean? Listen to your hunger signals, cut your meal in half if the restaurant serves a big portion, enjoying myself in moderation (treats), eat slowly and many other methods.

*The above is called taking a “diet break” where you can clear your mind for a couple days then hit it hard when you get back.

How do you know you did a good job? Your bodyweight is either where it was when you left or a couple pounds heavier.

If the scale is a couple pounds higher DO NOT STRESS. This is most likely water and will be back down in a couple days.

But for the sake of this post let’s say I am tracking. What do I do?

1: Plan ahead:

When booking your hotel MAKE SURE you have a fridge and at least the lobby has a microwave.

Also, scope out the area online:

Where is the closest grocery store?

What macro friendly fast food and restaurants are there you can eat at?

Already begin to plug these meals into your food tracking app.

2: Bring the essentials

Whether you are driving or catching a plan pack the essentials in your luggage –


-Fresh or dried fruit

-Veggies that can last a couple days like carrots and cauliflower

-Microwavable rice

-Cooked potatoes


-Liquid carbs like Gatorade or Mission 6 Glycobomb (Use code “Evan” when checking out)


-Nuts and Seeds

-Nut butters



-Deli Meat

-Protein bars

-Whey protein (if flying, TSA will most likely take at the gate)

Since we are tracking while traveling I also pack my scale, blender bottle, measuring spoon and plastic silverware. ‘CAUSE GAINZ BRO!

  1. Arrival at destination:

So, because you pre planned your trip you know where the grocery store is and your hotel room has a fridge. Killing it!

Once you get settled go ahead and buy the extra supplies/food you need from the grocery store.

This could be waters, frozen macro friendly meals (weight watchers meals are not so bad), Greek yogurt, etc.

  1. Consistency not perfection:

Maybe you are in an area that isn’t macro friendly? Tim Buck Two or a deserted island? Just kidding…But seriously!

Some places just don’t have the macros on their site or menu. IT.IS.OK!

You know why? Because we are flexible dieters. We know from being consistent at home what 6 ounces of chicken looks like, 250 grams of sweet potatoes and so on.

Pick the best meal you can. Get a quality protein source, quality carbs like potatoes and lots of veggies.

Keep the protein high, plenty of veggies and carbs moderate.

And don’t sweat it. You might be at a work party and there is alcohol and dessert. Just do the best you can. You can even pre-plan this meal by saving your carbs and fats for the function and keeping the rest of the day high protein and veggies.

I hope this post helps with your next trip! Be safe and if you need help feel free to reach out.

  • Evan, evan@forge-rx.com