Proper Warm-Up For Any Workout: Part 2

Now we get to the fun part. We are going to do our activation and active warm-up. I like to start by using some Perform Better mini bands around our legs positioned right below the knees. I like to do three different movements with these. The first will be lateral band walks where you start in a partial squat that take ten small steps to your right and ten steps back. You will feel this stretch within your glutes and outer legs (abductors). Next we are going to slide it down around our ankles and march forward and backwards, keeping our legs straight. The last mini band movement will have the band placed right about your knees and you will perform ten slow squats. Main focus should be driving the knees out into the band forcing your glutes to activate. Now we can throw down the mini band and move right into our active warm-up.

We are going to start with a movement called Frankenstein’s. Your hands will be straight out front and you will kick your legs up to your opposite hand. We will flow right into butt kicks, which are pretty self-explanatory. Final movement will be knee to chest. I want you to think about lifting your knee up, hugging it into your chest and pulling it to your opposite shoulder. Perform each one five times per side. After this your heart rate should be raised a tad, hips, knees, and upper back should all feel warmed up and ready to get a great workout in.

Complete Warm –up Summary:

Foam Roller– Glutes- 5-10 passes per side

Lower and Upper Back- 5 extensions

Lat and Posterior Shoulder- 5 times per side

Stretching-Band Hamstring- 20-30 sec hold per leg

Reverse Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch- 10 sec/ 5 times per leg

Adductor Stretch- 5 sit backs and lean forwards/5 sec hold each

Activation and Active Warm-Up– Mini Band circuit- 10 reps each

Frankenstein’s- 5 per leg

Butt Kicks- 5 per leg

Knee to Chest- 5 per leg

This entire warm-up shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete, but impact your mobility, flexibility, and injury prevention like no other.


– Cody Temples ACE, USAW

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