We Are All Different

You are different in so many ways compared to the person next to you, right?

You have your own issues:



…eating habits

…and goals

So why aren’t you on your own training and nutrition protocol specifically for you?

Don’t get me wrong, group workouts are GREAT.

They are community building and you get a little extra push from the person next to you. Once you learn the basics of movement these classes are great to mix in around your training.


What if each of you have different squat or shoulder overhead limitations? Or goals? Or you have hit a plateau?


Is it the price?

Would the price be an issue if you got amazing results?

Seriously, what if your waste went down inches, % bodyfat went down, lean body mass went up, you lost 30-50 lbs on a 6 month program? Plus, you feel better and your confidence level is through the roof?

Bro, what if you got that glimpse of abs you have been trying so hard to achieve and get allllll the ladies happy? Maybe you get a date or two from a beach Instagram post?

I DON’T KNOW!!! I am just saying on that last one. Haha

Or maybe you want to compete in a bodybuilding, powerlifting, or functional fitness competition?

Do we get the idea now?

Enter in the individualized program via a proper intake form, assessment, sit down or phone call with your coach and then a bada** program developed from this in-depth process from your coach for you.

And then…

Gainz with a “z” of course. Duh!

Convinced yet?

Good, you should be.

That’s why I want YOU to hop on our Forge-Rx Summer Body Shred program starting April 17th.

The program is 6 weeks long, two time a week individualized training along with nutrition coaching for only $199(members of Forge-Rx are $179)

The beauty is you do not have to be a member and no contracts! Are you reading this from Germany? Cool, we do remote training, so that won’t be a problem unless you don’t speak English.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Email trainers@forge-rx.com for more details and to get going.


                                  -Evan, trainer and nutrition coach