Dear Forge Member,

We have deiced to help a child in need this Christmas by providing toys and things he needs. This child we have chosen to help is such a special boy! His teachers speak of his hard work, kind heart and sweet nature. His parents are grateful for your willingness to help and wanted me to personally tell each of you thank you.


Below is a list of sizes, hobbies and his favorite things to help you with your gift purchase in order to make it more personal:

Clothes Size: 10/12

Shoe Size: 4 ½

Favorite Color: Blue and Red

Favorite Teams: Cavaliers

Favorite Player: Lebron James

Hobbies: Basketball, Skateboarding

We have a tree at the front desk with ornaments you can pick up with gift ideas.

There are also 3 other children in the home, but they are older, and the mother didn’t want to “bother us” with so many kids. If you would like to donate a gift card and bless them as well, please mark on the gift “Older Sister” or “Older Brother”.

Gifts will need to be dropped off on Saturday 12/16 at our 12 Days Christmas workout and potluck. If you will not be attending, you may turn them in to the front desk staff.

Thank you very much for contributing to this wonderful cause.


Thank you,




*If you have any questions please contact Krista Smith @ (770)490-8695