Let me ask you a question. Are the “diets” you’ve been on something you can sustain for the next couple months, a year, five years? If not, you have a problem! Or, did you gain all your weight back after your diet because you followed a cookie cutter meal plan and only ate 10 different kinds of foods? This is because your diet was not sustainable. This is where flexible dieting comes in.


All Flexible dieting (also known as “If It Fits Your Macros” or IIFYM) consists of is tracking your macronutrients. Protein, fats and carbs are calculated to achieve the weight loss, body composition or performance goals you have been trying so hard to get. Why is flexible dieting so awesome?


No food is off limits. This gives you the freedom to eat anything you want. This means satisfying a craving when it hits you. Want a cupcake? Go for it. Flexible dieting is about hitting your numbers. Every day I make it a point to have foods that aren’t your typical “healthy” foods. As long as I hit my protein, fiber and micronutrients all will be right in the world. Want to know the secret behind this diet? It isn’t a diet!


Have you recently been invited to a social function that served food outside of your generic meal plan you got off online? Also, think about how many hours you meal prep every week. Is it more than you like? Don’t get me wrong, for some people avoiding parties and spending their entire Sundays cooking in the kitchen works for them. More power to them! But does that work for you? This is where flexible dieting comes in. You don’t have to bring Tupperware everywhere you go. Your macros can be hit at any time, and you have the freedom to have as many meals during the day that works best for you.


This biggest issue with diets is when you deprive yourself of food. When you stick to the select few foods you think you have to eat, and then you come off your diet and are craving everything you can think of and you binge eat. What if, we ate those foods, but slipped in some ice cream here and there, or went to eat with friends and still got results? Seems a lot more reasonable right? Eating foods in moderation keeps all the mental craziness under control.


So, is Flexible Dieting for you? Duh, flexible dieting is for everyone. People that are wanting to lose fat or add size, live a normal and sustainable life, enjoy food and see results should practice flexibility with their nutrition.

Evan Pohl

Nutrition coach.