Because why have toothpicks when you could have trunks?

In all seriousness, leg day is more than just having the biggest, most shredded wheels in the gym. It’s about functionality. To prove that those who regularly train legs are more fit for physically demanding tasks and just life in general I don’t need to site a study — although I could site several. No, the only evidence I need to point to are athletes. Although the caliber of athlete varies greatly across the spectrum of youth sports up to the professionals, one constant is in place when determining the success of an athlete — leg strength.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at, who is considered by many the greatest athlete to ever live, Bo Jackson. If anyone thought they were going to run through Bo on the football field, they had another thing coming. He was genetically gifted for sure, but he was also freaky strong. He didn’t get that strong by just being lucky. He had to work his tail off to get that way.

I know you’re probably thinking, “we know, Bo Jackson was a freak, but what does that have to do with me and leg day?”

Injury Prevention As We Age

Strengthening your legs will improve balance, intramuscular coordination of the lower limbs and increased density of bones, as well as a host of other benefits. Basically, this means having less chance of falling when you stumble and if you do fall, less chance of injury because of your improved muscle and bone density.

Quality Of Life

If you have powerful legs, there are just more opportunities opened up to you. You have a greater base to build upon, in terms of athletic pursuits, outdoor recreation, etc. Plus, you’ll look great in your favorite pair of jeans! Who doesn’t want to improve their athletic prowess as well as look better in the clothes they wear?

Increased Testosterone Levels

Chill, ladies! This doesn’t mean you’ll get a hairy chest and deep voice. You’ll just maximize your genetic potential of testosterone production to assist with adding lean muscle mass and dropping body fat. Bros, I know you like the sound of increasing testosterone! It’s pretty straight forward. I won’t talk about the benefits of improving testosterone in this blog because it’s all over the web, and if you read on the topic, you’ll notice that it plays into improved quality of life — for multiple reasons. I’ll let you connect the dots there.

All-in-all your older self will love you long time if you make the decision to strengthen your legs. So, do what’s right; don’t just do chest, bi’s and tri’s!

Tyler Wright

Image Source: DayOne Patch