Thoughts on achieving success.

I’ve been doing this for a while now — coaching and training people to become stronger, more flexible, leaner, more fit and all around healthier. I hear people talk about what they want to achieve with their body, mindset, career, life, family, etc. all the time. Very few even write this goal down with the intent of accomplishing it.

If you don’t write the goal down, how can you make it specific?

If your goal isn’t specific, how do you expect to plot out a plan to achieve it?

If you don’t have a plan in place, are you really going to make things happen? NO!

I can hear it now, “I want six pack abs.” Yeah, and how do you plan to do that? “Well, I’ll just clean up my diet and hit the gym more.” Oh? And what does that look like? What does cleaning up your diet look like? What about ‘hitting’ the gym more? What specifically will you do at the gym to achieve your goal of a six pack?

Do you see how this goal is too generic to be attainable? There is no substance. This is an issue and leads to a lot of dissatisfaction in people’s lives in and out of the gym.

Luckily, some people at least get step 1 of writing their goal down. That makes it a little more tangible. However, instead of having a well thought out plan on how this goal will be achieved, they leave it up to chance and hope, that maybe someday it will just magically happen! I’m not kidding, I’ve literally heard those words come out of people’s mouths more times than I can keep track of. Most people’s equation for success = do more. If that isn’t working as well as hoped, add more! That’s likely a recipe for injury and I’ve seen it time and time again. Full STOP!

Don’t let that be you! Really, what are your goals? Why are those your goals? Why spin your wheels trying to obtain them without a plan in place?

It’s upsetting to me because not only have I seen someone not achieve his/her goal, I’ve seen that same person get frustrated with the process and quit, further separating that person form his/her goal.

If you read my last blog on What To Do When Your Training Stalls, you should understand how important proper goal setting is key.

If you’re clueless on what you should be doing to achieve your goal and you don’t know where to start in building a plan, I want to help you. I’m passionate about changing lives and seeing others succeed on their quest of health and fitness. I would love to sit down in person or over the phone and talk to you about what your goals are and how we can get you their and beyond.

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I look forward to working with you to smash your goals and set new ones to conquer! Thanks for reading!