This blog is piggy backing off of our latest video with trainer and nutrition coach Cody. We dived into some diet “cutting” myths as he prepares for his first every bodybuilding show. It is going to be very cool to see his body transform over these next couple months. Good luck bra! If you missed the video here is the link…

Just some take a ways:

1.       Do not make a big calorie cut right off the bat. Drop calories slow and keep protein high for maintaining muscle

2.       HIIT training has its place, but not for bodybuilding cuts. Use steady state cardio for recovery and to burn some calories to allow yourself to eat more food

3.       Use the K.I.S.S. principle when training. Hit your big compound lifts and throw in some bodybuilding exercises like bicep curls if you know you need to grow your arms

4.       Live your life and eat foods you want

Is #4 doable? Of course it is. Can you eat other foods other than chicken, rice, broccoli and egg whites while still get shredded? Yup! Sorry to all the “Gurus” out there telling you other wise

I wanted to give you 3 more myths that I think you should know. I apologize in advance if I hurt your feelings or you are offended. I will also include references so you don’t hate me.

ACTUALLY, no I am not! You should be thanking me. Here we go…

You do not have to eat every 2-3 hours to increase your metabolism. GASP!

Yeah, how many times have you heard that? More frequent feedings do not increase metabolic rate instead energy balance over a 24 hour period does.

Do you need to do fasted cardio?

I can’t tell you how many times I just smile when I see a post on social media and some figure competitor makes a post about how proud they are about getting their booty up bright and early to hit their 45 minutes on the stair stepper while their tummy is rumbling for some food.

As Dr. Layne Norton would say…”Do you even science, bro.”

Now, if you enjoy doing it, then go right ahead, BUT YOU DO NOT NEED TO is all I am saying.

The research shows that there is no difference between fasted or fed cardio. I think, maybe, what got everyone on the ban wagon is there is an increase in fat oxidation while fasted, but they forgot to look at the overall picture and forget there is 24 hours in a day. So, increased fat oxidation is cool, but does that mean that fat loss, muscle preservation, and metabolic rate throughout the day is greater than fed cardio? Nah

What ‘toxin” are you actually cleansing?

Last one, and I seriously am over this one. When did cleansing become a thing? Did we not forget that we have our bodily make up, our cool human insides that do this? Don’t get me wrong, cleansing maybe 1-2 times a year or a fast on occasion is very powerful. To not feel obligated to worry about your next meal for an entire day and focusing on your mind and soul is legit.

But now people are doing it every week?! I’m crying right now.

Ok, I need to rant real quick…

AND, these gyms, THAT DAY FREAKING 1 of you being a member at their gym are already shoving supplements down your throat and making you cleanse. Awesome, you lost 5 pounds in 7 days, and these gyms and trainers look like gods to you. COOL! You lost weight, it probably wasn’t fat loss, and you will gain it right back. Instead go to someone who is qualified to educate you on eating food and what they know is sustainable (Forge-Rx).

Just read this article from a trustworthy website…

Again, I am sorry if I busted your bubble and you are wanting to jump through your computer and strangle me. I was you once. I thought everything I read was the truth to only realize I had been lied to. If at any point I was wrong on these viewpoints or future ones I will admit that I was wrong.

Until then…

I am proud to say that myself and the awesome team at Forge-Rx, along with many other fitness and health enthusiasts are leading the way and putting these and many more myths to sleep.

Want to work with one of us? Well, your chance is coming up, we have a summer program being put together as I type these words JUST FOR YOU! Individualized training and nutrition coaching where we teach you right from wrong. Want more info?



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