So your weight loss journey has just begun. Begun? Began? Whatever.

Or maybe you are in the thick of your weight loss journey?

I want to start by saying how proud I am that you put your foot down and decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

It was time for a lifestyle change.

You were finally fed up and decided one day…

“You know what? I feel like crap. Let’s start exercising and eating better.”

Whoop whoop!

But you just realized…

“Oh sh*t! I have a long way to go!!!!!”

You might even be reading this and are on the edge of quitting.

What do we do to stay motivated during the hard times of our weight loss journey?

What is going to keep us fighting during the hard times of our diet or getting up at 4 a.m. to meet with your trainer at 5 a.m.?

Maybe, you aren’t doing this for you? You are doing this to make sure you are around to see your kids grow up?

Maybe, you had a tough break up and this is your outlet when you feel alone…

Maybe, you were sick and tired of being the butt of the joke when you are with friends.

THESE and many more reasons are why we will NOT QUIT.

This isn’t supposed to be easy!

Trust me! I struggle every d*mn day to resist from going ham on some pizza and ice cream.

I want you to understand you are not alone in your journey.

Do you have a tribe to keep you going?

Do you journal your thoughts and feelings?

Do you have motivational quotes on your bathroom mirror?

Well use these motivational tools or find what works for you.

The journey ain’t easy, but will be SO WORTH IT!

Keep fighting.