1. Damage Control from the Holidays – Dr. Pohl

    Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. As per my post yesterday, the next 6 Monday-Tuesday combinations, including yesterday and today, do not fall on any seasonal holidays or weekends. To keep the damage from holiday eating to a minimum, consider making the next 5 Monday-Tuesday combinations rich in fruit…Read More

  2. Meatless Monday From Dr. Pohl

    Good Morning and Happy Meatless Monday, and the eve of Meatless Tuesday. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We are in the holiday season now and guess what? Shopping? Yes, but looks like onsite shopping has been replaced with Internet shopping, judging from the sparse crowds on Black Friday. W…Read More

  3. A Message From Dr. Pohl

    Have you joined the Meatless Monday-Tuesday, 1-2 punch, focusing 2 days out of the week on vegetables? A frequently overlooked benefit of good nutrition and exercise is...your mental health. Specifically dementia, also known as senility, is a broad category of brain diseases that cause a long term d…Read More

  4. Les Mills Launch

    Why are people so excited about Group Fitness at Forge-RX? Join us for a sample of each Les Mills Program we offer! The Class is Free and Childcare is Provided! This 2 Hour Power Packed Class will feature: BodyPump BodyAttack GRIT Plyo GRIT Strength GRIT Cardio BodyJam BodyFlow The class begins at …Read More

  5. Holiday Hours

    'Tis the season! The holidays are already here! With that being said, our holiday hours will slightly differ from our normal operation times. HOLIDAY HOURS: Thanksgiving Day (November 26th): Closed Christmas Eve (December 24th): 5:00am - 3:00pm Christmas Day (December 25th): Closed New Years Eve (De…Read More

  6. Common Training Myths Busted

    Common training myths busted from the guys of Barbell Shrugged. In this video they go over common myths people beleive to be true in training such as the function of lactic acid in muscular fatigue, Creatine, muscle mass and endurance, ladies.. listen up! This is a good one for our female athelets o…Read More

  7. How Does Sugar Affect My Body?

    Check out this article from Precision Nutrition; Sugar has major side effects, we agree that moderation is fine.. but how frequently are you really eating sugar? The reason you crave that cookie, cake, or sweet goes beyond what it tastes like. Sugar has major brain effects. Research Review: Sweet st…Read More

  8. Forge Rx is Open for Business

    October 30, 2015 WE ARE OPEN !! Well not quite yet, pre-sales have been happening since Monday, but as of Friday we will officially be open for business. Forge Rx will open 5-10pm; & our first Group Fitness class will be at 5:30am. Don't forget to stop by and visit our open house this Friday, Oc…Read More