1. Take Control Radio Episode 24: Strategies to Prevent Cancer

    After heart disease, claiming almost as many lives, cancer is the second leading cause of death in America. There are many things that the everyday person can do, including improved nutrition, weight loss, and exercise, to reduce their risk of getting cancer. Listen in as Evan and Dr. Joe discuss! h…Read More

  2. June Member(s) of the Month

    Sometimes we can’t pick one member of the month! But honestly Marvin and Durand both deserve it. And if you didn’t know...they are training partners! They come in each and every day and put a hurtin’ on the weights. They also know how to make Evan Pohl look small  Give them a  next time y…Read More

  3. Stuffed Bell Peppers

    Stuffed Bell Peppers Hey guys! Another simple meal coming at you. This is a great go to on meal prep day. Pre prep and throw it in the fridge and cook when your ready. Ingredients 4 medium to large green bell peppers 1 medium onion 15oz organic canned tomato sauce (or make your own) 1 egg 1/3 cup qu…Read More

  4. It Goes Down In Daily-Rx

    Daily-Rx is a full body workout class that incorporates strength, functional bodybuilding & metabolic conditioning. What makes this group fitness class awesome is the friendly competition of being able to see what others in classes before & after you have accomplished! This is a great way to…Read More

  5. WHY?

    WHY? You need a strategy. A mission. A clear "WHY" that is YOURS, that will function as a guide that will direct you to your goal through the ups and downs that are life. Imagine how motivated you will be with your mission in mind? Your energy, your will, your resiliency. You can't be stopped. "I wa…Read More

  6. Let’s Do Some Math

    Let's do some math. Before I begin, can I let you know I hate math? It's just not for me. But for weight loss, it's kind of important. Time to paint a picture... You want to lose weight. Nice. Let's do it. To lose weight we need to be in a caloric deficit . And let's say you maintain your weight at …Read More

  7. Your Health

    Your health. You have the ability to address it. Now, we can't take back lost time. But, we can choose to do something with the time we have now. Instead of being beaten down. Start OWNING the seconds, minutes and hours of every day! It's all about having the right mindset. Come to terms with the fa…Read More

  8. Sunday Vibes

    Sunday Vibes... Start your week off right before Monday even begins. Sunday is the day! What does your week look like? What work, meetings, events with your kids, do you have going on? Today is the day I take the time to do many things: Brain dump everything I need to do for the week and put it on p…Read More

  9. I Like to Party

    I like to party. Just kidding...I don't party. But, some of you do! No judging here. A lot of clients I talk to want to be able to fit alcohol into their nutrition program for many reasons... Business dinner, they enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, or they legit like to party. And it's totally doabl…Read More

  10. My Favorite Exercise

    The Romanian Deadlift. Otherwise known as an RDL. My favorite exercise. If you’ve trained with me you’ve heard me get on my soapbox about the glorious RDL but if you haven’t then I’m gonna fill you in now and by the end of this blog you’ll be ready to run into the gym and knock out 10 sets…Read More