1. The Most Random Post Ever!

    My favorite core exercise is hands down the 1/2 kneeling pallof press. Who is this pallof guy anyways? Whoever he is...thanks dude. And whatever the controversy is around core training... Crunches...no crunches...I always come back to this one to train my core. It’s perfect because it opens up you…Read More

  2. Core-Rx

    A class designed by our Forge-Rx trainers. People can't say enough about this awesome class! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukxDTk5BD_Y…Read More

  3. Take Your Plank a Level Up

    The plank is probably the most common and well known core exercise, just because of its pure simplicity. Often mistaken for the fad that swept Myspace in 2009 (sarcasm), planking is a great way to strengthen your core while learning what a neutral position with the head, neck, and spine should look …Read More

  4. Balance: Don’t use it, you lose it.

    When writing an exercise prescription, there are both health and skill-related components of physical fitness. For general population, more times than not, the skill related components of fitness are overlooked or undertrained. The focus for exercise of general population has been geared towards ton…Read More

  5. Strength Tips for Lower Back Pain

    Let’s face it Americans spend a lot of time of their butts. The population spending the most time on their bums are adolescents and people over the age of 60. Lower back pain seems to be more common than ever, especially in our aging baby boomer population. Muscle atrophy associated with prolonged…Read More

  6. Keep it Simple and Stick to the Basics

    We live in a world made up of short attention spans. It has become place over run with gimmicks, shiny new objects, and Apple’s ability to sell anything outside of a big bag of dog poop (actually they could probably sell it if they wanted to). We don’t just drive cars anymore, we have to have a …Read More