1. The ONE Thing

     I recently read the book The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. Have you read it? If you haven’t read it I HIGHLY recommend it. I am writing to you on the first day of the New Year: January 1, 2017. Reading this book at the end of 2016, getting ready for 2017 was perfect timing fo…Read More

  2. Stop Using Your Shoulders as a Scapegoat

    Pinch, tight, click, catch, only hurts when I move my arm, are all common things I have heard when people describe shoulder pain. These are usually followed with an impressive array of stretches, band work, and anything/everything except diagnosing the problem that caused the shoulder pain. Trying t…Read More

  3. Aesthetics or Performance: Can We Have The Best Of Both Worlds?

    Do you know your goal? Why? Probably the number one thing I get asked is ‘how can I burn fat, build muscle and get stronger or faster, etc.?’ This question is usually in the context of doing all three simultaneously because we’re American and want things done last week. It would be nice, I a…Read More

  4. New Year,New You: Tips for Success

    It’s almost that time of year. The time of year you can’t find an empty treadmill or a set of 20lb dumbbells anywhere at your local gym. This is the New Year, New You rush.  People see the New Year as a fresh start on life and a time to make drastic changes. Whether it’s fixing a broken diet …Read More

  5. Tips and Tricks for Holiday Dieting

    It’s that time of year again. Christmas lights, family coming to town, Will Ferrell’s Elf on the television and that awkward Georgia weather where it is 65 degrees one day and an ice storm the next day. You got to love it! This article is for all the people out there who are struggling to find a…Read More