1. Winder Member of the Month!

    Eric! The most polite fellow you will ever meet! We couldn't think of a better gentlemen then him to be our February Member of the Month at our Winder location. ----- How old are you and where are you from? 26 loganville GA What hobbies do you have outside of the gym? Car detailing/cleaning/trying n…Read More

  2. Braselton Member(s) of the Month!

    We have the Donatelli family for this months Braselton Member(s) of the Month! What a fun crew and it's cool to see a family that loves each other enough to workout together. HAHA! Here is what they said during out interview with them. ---------- Megan Donatelli: 31 & I’m from a little bit of …Read More

  3. Yesterdays HEALTHY LIVING WORKSHOP!!!!!

    Some of the feedback from yesterday’s HEALTHY LIVING WORKSHOP 👇 •”Overall I thought it was fantastic. Presentation, enthusiasm, buy in, was all there" •”Info from Dr was a lot to take in ((good way), and I would have liked to have heard some more, Seemed to me he had more to offer. May…Read More

  4. Episode 52: Saving money on food!

    Eating leftovers, snacking intelligently, knowing where and when to eat out to take advantage of "discounts", and skipping alcohol when eating out saves money. Don't shortchange good nutrition in this quest! Take a listen! https://soundcloud.com/user-798191510/episode-52-saving-money-on-food…Read More

  5. There will be a chef!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkmTDRgFxtg Looking for a healthy lifestyle balance in your life? Find balance in the foods you eat! Join us for our upcoming... HEALTHY LIFESTYLE WORKSHOP February 2nd which will also include a COOKING CLASS along with a lecture, yoga, and workout. Head to the link b…Read More

  6. Thank you!

    “I started at Forge Rx about 5 weeks ago. I had done Crossfit 2 years earlier and had since worked out at home inconsistently. I had reached a point that I knew I needed to get back to a regimen I just didn’t know what. I have to say I made a great choice in choosing Forge Rx. Another choice I h…Read More

  7. Protein Packed Crockpot Gumbo

    One of my father in laws favorite things to cook when we go to the beach is his famous gumbo made with fresh shrimp caught that day. I needed a healthier less time consuming recipe that could be enjoyed all the time, so here it is. Healthy Protein Packed crockpot Gumbo  404g fresh okra diced 234g o…Read More

  8. Fun, Quick, and Tasty Meals!

    Hey there! Are you enjoying your Sunday? I am not going to lie…I AM TIRED! Sundays are usually my “chill day.” Do you have a day during the week where you hangout with friends and family and REGROUP? We all need it no matter how busy we are. If you are reading this make sure to relax and watch…Read More