1. New Year,New You: Tips for Success

    It’s almost that time of year. The time of year you can’t find an empty treadmill or a set of 20lb dumbbells anywhere at your local gym. This is the New Year, New You rush.  People see the New Year as a fresh start on life and a time to make drastic changes. Whether it’s fixing a broken diet …Read More

  2. Tips and Tricks for Holiday Dieting

    It’s that time of year again. Christmas lights, family coming to town, Will Ferrell’s Elf on the television and that awkward Georgia weather where it is 65 degrees one day and an ice storm the next day. You got to love it! This article is for all the people out there who are struggling to find a…Read More

  3. The Myth about Damper Settings on a Rower

    True or false? Putting the damper setting at a 10 makes it harder, therefore guaranteeing better results.. First, I’d like to point out that as I was watching the 2016 CrossFit Games this past weekend in the “Rope Chipper” which involved Airdyne, Double Unders, Rowing and Heavy Rope Sled Pulls…Read More

  4. Keep it Simple and Stick to the Basics

    We live in a world made up of short attention spans. It has become place over run with gimmicks, shiny new objects, and Apple’s ability to sell anything outside of a big bag of dog poop (actually they could probably sell it if they wanted to). We don’t just drive cars anymore, we have to have a …Read More

  5. High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

    High blood pressure (Hypertension) is a significant risk factor for heart attack (Myocardial Infarction), stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident), and sudden death.  It is frequently asymptomatic, and if left untreated for several years, can lead to congestive heart failure and kidney failure, chronic co…Read More

  6. Exercise and Health Goal Setting

    What is the purpose of setting goals? Goals allow you to stay focused and motivated throughout your journey. Here are some goal setting tips to get you moving in the right direction to your desired results. Be SMART! Specific- Set specific, detailed goals. Saying, “I am going to drink more water,…Read More

  7. Drink More …Water

    We all know we need water to survive (just one of the big reasons we have life here on Earth). But are you drinking enough? I’m sure you aren’t the only one. With America being one of the largest consumers of soda it’s not surprising that so many people are lacking in the whole “drinking eno…Read More

  8. Re-thinking Your Training

    People train for one reason, and that is to get better. Rather they are hoping to lose weight, gain muscle, become a better athlete, or get the girl they are afraid to talk to in class, they all have one thing in common, and that is the desire to get better. However, many people often associate gett…Read More

  9. Overcoming Stress

    Overcoming Stress the Healthy Way Stress Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Causes of stress There are three different types of causes of stress we will discuss. They are work stress, life stress, and stress from the ins…Read More

  10. Breathing Mechanics

    Over time many people will develop bad posture which unfortunately leads to inefficient breathing mechanics. Labored breathing is something that really hits home with me. I grew up with asthma and having bad posture from sitting too much only made it worse. These two issues really made face when I …Read More