1. Stop waiting! Take action today!

    Boomerang! Sweat-Rx was no joke today 🤙 We finished with a metabolic finisher of 3 rds: Row 30 seconds Battle rope slams x 12 reps Medball chest pass x 12 reps TRX row x 12 reps Grab you a 5 day pass right now to try a class! Link below 👇 https://www.forge-rx.com/contact-us/ https://www.youtub…Read More

  2. Celebrate Women’s Health and Fitness Month

    September is national Women’s Health and Fitness Month. While every month should be a month of health and fitness for every woman, September is a dedicated time to learn about your health risks and ways to improve your health and fitness so that you can improve your quality of life and reduce your…Read More

  3. Fitness Classes at Forge RX Fitness Center

    At Forge RX, we have created our own results-driven group fitness classes that are aimed at helping our members to reach any fitness goal. Our fitness instructors are trained to provide each participant with the best workout to reach individual goals. Whether you are new to the gym and working out o…Read More