1. Limiting Factor

    *This is going to include some homework, so go ahead and get a pen and paper.Ok, here we go…What is your limiting factor(s) holding you back from getting to where you want to be? I talk to so many people that are Soooo motivated to make a change, but they just can’t take that next step, …Read More

  2. 5 Movement Faults You Make Every Day That Hurt Your Training

    Think about moving poorly like smoking cigarettes. Moving poorly once just like smoking one cigarette isn't going to kill us, but doing it over a lifetime is going to have its consequences. Mobilizing, stretching, breathing, and doing anything else to help clean up your training exercises are all gr…Read More

  3. Simple Success

    It only takes a mindset shift. What am I talking about? Success only comes through grimy, hard work, endless toil, until one day there is a cataclysmic break through! Right? I’m going to challenge that mindset in this blog and (hopefully) perpetuate you to think in different terms, regarding your…Read More

  4. Energy Drinks: Good or Bad

    Energy drinks. They may give you wings but at what cost? Some people believe them to be straight rat poison while others think they are the nectar of the gods. If only it was that black and white. Kamal Patel, the Director of Examine.com explains that energy drinks are a tad more complicated than we…Read More

  5. Take Control of Your Health

    I am writing this blog with the saying that states “flying by the seat of one’s pants.” I will be honest though I am sitting on my couch, it’s a Sunday, almost noon, and I am not wearing pants. Don’t worry!!!! I have boxers on. TMI Evan. But seriously, I have no game plan for this article,…Read More

  6. Changing the Culture: Stop Dying During Your Training

    If you have turned on a TV in the last couple of days, mainly ESPN, you probably saw the story about the University of Oregon football team. If you didn’t I will try to break it down here in just a few sentences and post a link as well.Three Oregon football players were taken to the hospital and t…Read More

  7. How To Give Your “Diet” Robust Diversity

    his is a common misconception when it comes to obtaining a certain physique or body composition. People think they must eat less and exercise more. Or they conceive eating only chicken, broccoli and brown rice, unsalted and unseasoned, is the only way to obtain a “lean” abdominal region. Stop. U…Read More

  8. Intensity and Motivation in Your Workout

    If you don’t have the luxury of having your own coach who keeps track of when you should be pushing harder or backing off of training volume and intensity, you’d better have, at the least, a basic understanding of stress. There are several types of stress, but they all have a very similar effec…Read More

  9. Yeah, this article is about eating out all day

    So, I figured I would have some fun with this post and take a male and female avatar with a set of macros I made up. If you aren’t a flexible dieter you should be after you read this, because it will hopefully shine some light on how the “diet” gives you more freedom and flexibility. WARNING! …Read More

  10. How To “Un-suck” Your Shoulders

        Seriously Evan? Yes I said “un-suck” and yes I know all my English teachers are cringing right now. But seriously, majority of adults have some sort of shoulder pain they deal with every day. What is even crazier is you probably have some form of tear in your shoulder you don’t even know…Read More