1. Testing Week Leaderboard

    We got after some fitness during our TESTING WEEK. Everything from strength, cardio and heart. Until next time! *3 RM Hip Thrust(In pounds)* Male: 1.Brandon Pass-565 2.Jason Bramblett/Andy Smith-535 3.Luke Stigler-535 Female: 1.Joy Bramblett-405 2.Keri Beth Jones/Mary Towsey-345 3.Meagan Bedenbaugh-…Read More

  2. Improving Desk Posture

    Rounded shoulders or “upper crossed syndrome” is arguably the most common irregular posture. We are more sedentary than ever and with the development of laptops, tablets, and smart phones, it has made for a postural disaster. Spending large portions of the day seated, not only increases the risk…Read More