1. What kind of cardio should you do?

    Is HIIT(high intensity interval training) better for fat loss then LISS(low intensity interval) training? HIIT is short, high effort sprints, between 10- 30 seconds, spaced with low intensity steady state work. Example: 5 minute warm up. 5 rds: 20 second max effort row. 2 minutes of easy pace in bet…Read More

  2. Fun, Quick, and Tasty Meals!

    Hey there! Are you enjoying your Sunday? I am not going to lie…I AM TIRED! Sundays are usually my “chill day.” Do you have a day during the week where you hangout with friends and family and REGROUP? We all need it no matter how busy we are. If you are reading this make sure to relax and watch…Read More

  3. Comfort Food Season!

    Comfort food season!!! *Beef Stew is a must*   Here’s a few musts when making great, flavorful stew:   1. Sear your meat before simmering! This enhances the flavor of the meat, and the liquid it’s cooked in.     2.Let the meat dry! This will help you get more color. You can toss in flour and…Read More


    Peanut butter and jelly balls! Say what?! And healthy? Ok 👌 ‬ ‪Grab more info on Complete here:‬ ‪https://evanpohl.juiceplus.com/us/en/what-is-juice-plus/complete-juice-plus‬ ‪#forgerx #takecontrol #juiceplus‬…Read More

  5. Can’t squat? Do this!

    Can’t back squat or front squat? Don’t sweat it! You don’t HAVE to do these two exercises to build great legs. Sometimes...people don’t have the mobility, the anatomy, or plain and simple the movements cause them pain. So what do you do? The landmine reverse lunge is a great option! The move…Read More

  6. Check Out What’s For Breakfast!

    Can I tell you how much I LOVE breakfast? I enjoy it so much I could eat breakfast food for every meal of the day! In fact...I find myself eating breakfast for dinner quite a bit. Do you have time to sit down to eat, or are usually running out the door with your kid in one hand and your briefcase in…Read More

  7. Mashed Potatoes are Delicious BUT EAT A SALAD!

    With all the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, plus pie don’t forget to balance out the delicious macros you have been consuming the last couple days with some micros. Make it a point to get some colors on your plate this next week. Have a salad! And throw some left over turkey on the salad. Yo…Read More

  8. New Favorite Shoulder Exercise!

    Wow! This overhead shoulder press from the rack is unreal! Go ahead and call it the tall kneeling rack shoulder press. Long name, but it’s so worth it to try. The tall kneeling forces you to engage your glutes and abdominal muscles which means an improved overhead position. How to perform: squeeze…Read More

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   We hope your day is full of friends, family, and all the food.   We am BEYOND grateful that we get to to spread the word of fitness, nutrition,and wellness to so many people on a daily basis!   What are you thankful for?   Is your gym closed today for the holidays?…Read More