1. Mashed Potatoes are Delicious BUT EAT A SALAD!

    With all the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, plus pie don’t forget to balance out the delicious macros you have been consuming the last couple days with some micros. Make it a point to get some colors on your plate this next week. Have a salad! And throw some left over turkey on the salad. Yo…Read More

  2. New Favorite Shoulder Exercise!

    Wow! This overhead shoulder press from the rack is unreal! Go ahead and call it the tall kneeling rack shoulder press. Long name, but it’s so worth it to try. The tall kneeling forces you to engage your glutes and abdominal muscles which means an improved overhead position. How to perform: squeeze…Read More

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   We hope your day is full of friends, family, and all the food.   We am BEYOND grateful that we get to to spread the word of fitness, nutrition,and wellness to so many people on a daily basis!   What are you thankful for?   Is your gym closed today for the holidays?…Read More

  4. Your Best Defense Against Free Radicals!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0WHj1Is-MI Free Radical formation, a by-product of aerobic oxidation, has been implicated in causing not only cancer, but also heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and autoimmune disorders! What is the best defense? Antioxidants like coffee! A report by Niny Rao, an associa…Read More

  5. Start your journey today!

    No excuses over here! This is Lorie. And this is her first go at working out. She has lost 20 pounds and counting. She also plans to be here every day over the holidays(except Thanksgiving, duh). Talk about dedication! Thanks Lorie for taking the leap, joining the crew, and trusting in us 😃 https…Read More

  6. Stop Eating When You Are Full!

    As funny as this picture is you should learn to stop eating when you are full! * Be aware of your hunger signals and stop eating when you are satisfied, but not stuffed. * Want to stay on track with your diet during the holidays? * Along with learning to know when to stop eating make sure you keep u…Read More

  7. Don’t You Dare Gain Weight Over the Holidays!

    It the holiday season! A time of fun, food, and family! But also a time where you can wreck your diet. DON’T BE THAT PERSON! You got this 💪🏼 Follow these four tips from Coach Evan and stay on track with your goals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDjV0q1ID7c Need more help? Email us! Nutriti…Read More

  8. My New Favorite Exercise!

    What's my new favorite exercise? It's the Banded Hip Thrust! Why? 1. Let's be honest...sometimes after a long day of work I really just don't want to load up a barbell. 2. Because the pump is unreal! If you want to feel your hips working hard than add the banded hip thrust to your routine 1 x per we…Read More

  9. Slush?

    Slush? The only word we could think of to call it. If you are looking for a treat that doesn’t kill your calories throw some PB2 together with your favorite protein, add water, and mix. We used vanilla and chocolate 😂 More info on the Complete protein in the picture? Go here 👇 evanpohl.jui…Read More

  10. Stop waiting! Take action today!

    Boomerang! Sweat-Rx was no joke today 🤙 We finished with a metabolic finisher of 3 rds: Row 30 seconds Battle rope slams x 12 reps Medball chest pass x 12 reps TRX row x 12 reps Grab you a 5 day pass right now to try a class! Link below 👇 https://www.forge-rx.com/contact-us/ https://www.youtub…Read More