1. Train your hamstrings and glutes!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-fUmYw9igY The stability ball. Not just for balancing on it while doing bicep curls(joke). It’s great for training the hamstrings because it works the muscle in support(hip extension) and with knee flexion. It’s also great for sleepy butt syndrome 🍑 #forgerx #…Read More

  2. Quick Tips for a Safe Deadlift

     ​The deadlift is a great full body exercise that will increase posterior strength and power, but gets a bad reputation in association with lower back pain or injuries.  I think if performed properly, the deadlift can be a very safe exercise compared to most knee dominant movements.  There …Read More

  3. Your Hip Bridge Check List

    Tonight I will be covering the benefits of the hip thrust, and all the good it can do for you and your glutes. In this article, I am just covering a few things you need to check off as you are performing the movement. Get the box/bench or whatever you are using for elevation in a comfortable positio…Read More