1. Can’t squat? Do this!

    Can’t back squat or front squat? Don’t sweat it! You don’t HAVE to do these two exercises to build great legs. Sometimes...people don’t have the mobility, the anatomy, or plain and simple the movements cause them pain. So what do you do? The landmine reverse lunge is a great option! The move…Read More

  2. Give This Leg Day A Try!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxa3MSlo2oc What does your leg day look like? Maximizing your time? Lost? Give this sample session a try! RFESS; 3x8 Landmine front squats; 3x8 Heavy sled pull down/back; 3x8 Banded glute bridge; 3x15-20 Seated calves; 3x8-12 Don’t know the lingo? 👆 Or how to per…Read More

  3. How to Build a Booty

    Heck yeah this blog is about how to build a butt! Other than the ladies want it and guys love it, the booty is super important for lower body function. So, let’s get off our rear, get to hip bridging, and dive in! But first, let’s chat a little about anatomy and bio mechanics. Bear with me, I wo…Read More