1. Are you putting the right “Fuel” into your body?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1x4HtzXly8 Are you putting the right “Fuel” into your body?‬ ‪ The macronutrients, protein, fats and carbs, that you put into your “engine” need to have the right “octane” rating for optimal function!‬ ‪ More info with the link below 👇 ‬https…Read More

  2. So you want to track macros?

    Hey there! Coach Evan here. So you want to track macronutrients? ...Or in other words join the flexible dieting lifestyle. That’s cool! But remember...no diet is magic. Find what works for you. BUT...the best thing I can tell you is keep it simple! Don’t over complicate it and just focus on the …Read More

  3. Nutrition Coach or Macro Calculator?

    A client recently asked during one of our training sessions… “So, what are these macro calculators?” “I filled out the info it asked and it shot out different numbers than what you gave me?” Basically, you can go online to “Insert website name” and get your macronutrients (proteins, fa…Read More