1. Kimchi Fried Rice

    Here is a recipe that keeps well and helps boost the immune system for the “back to school” sicknesses! Also you can mix and match veggies to suit your families tastes. If you want to keep it on the mild side, substitute Kimchi for Sauerkraut or just use less. 1–2 Tablespoon oil (peanut oil g…Read More

  2. Comfort Food Season!

    Comfort food season!!! *Beef Stew is a must*   Here’s a few musts when making great, flavorful stew:   1. Sear your meat before simmering! This enhances the flavor of the meat, and the liquid it’s cooked in.     2.Let the meat dry! This will help you get more color. You can toss in flour and…Read More

  3. Take Control Radio Episode 29: Got Gut Health?

    Take Control Radio Episode 29: Got Gut Health? An Omnivores Predicament! We are what we eat...so choose your food wisely! Your Health, Wellness, Longevity, and Quality of Life will depend on it! Link below to give our latest episode a listen. https://soundcloud.com/user-798191510/episode-29-got-gut-…Read More

  4. Premier Palate Coming to Forge-Rx!

    The anticipation has been killing us!  We’re finally ready to announce the launch ofHannah Burchfield’s Meal Prep service that will be exclusively available to #ForgeRX members. Coming in September!  Contact Hannah@forge-rx.com for details #premierpalate #mealprep #nutrition…Read More

  5. More Thoughts on Meal Prep

    More Thoughts on Meal Prep. Find what works for you, right? Here is whats working for me and I hope it can for you and your lifestyle. For a while I was slacking HARD on food quality. I was resorting to quick and easy... Honestly, because I could. I know enough about nutrition and train pretty hard …Read More

  6. Meal Prep Shenanigans

    Meal prep shenanigans:‬ ‪Don’t worry about what it should look like, how extravagant it should be, or what you hear people do, instead, pick a meal you are struggling with the most and knock that meal out of the park each week. ‬ #forgerx #takecontrol #mealprep https://www.youtube.com/watc…Read More

  7. Some Thoughts on Meal Prepping.

    Soooo many questions on meal prepping! We are hear to tell you(just like all things nutrition) to do what works for you so that you can be consistent. What meal of the day do you struggle with? Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Just start by making that for a couple days or week. https://www.youtube.com/…Read More

  8. Are You a Grillmeister?

    It seemed fitting to write a post on grilling out since this blog is dropping on the 4th of July. 99.9% of American households will be doing some form of grilling this historic day. Am I right? The Urban Dictionary definition of Grillmesiter is “A person who is an epic chef on the grill.” If you…Read More

  9. Tips on Meal Prepping

    Meal Prep There is no getting around it. Whole foods are the best foods. Not only will whole foods help you feel and function better, but they will also help you to recover as well. So what better way to fuel your body than with a home cooked meal? I know what you’re thinking, who has the time to …Read More