1. Cooking with Dr. Joe!

    Cooking with Dr. Joe! Check the description in the video to see how he made this delicious meal! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH4nynf3z-I…Read More

  2. The Meal Frequency Deal

    What's the deal with meal frequency? Do you have to eat every 2 hours? What do you do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeTHFFr42SI…Read More

  3. Why a Meal Plan Might be Best for You

    I know what you’re thinking. I thought you guys pushed counting macros and not meal plans? First off, if you are eating food, you are doing macros. Macros make up everything we eat the only thing you are doing now is actually understanding the amount of each you’re putting in your body to optimi…Read More

  4. Tips on Meal Prepping

    Meal Prep There is no getting around it. Whole foods are the best foods. Not only will whole foods help you feel and function better, but they will also help you to recover as well. So what better way to fuel your body than with a home cooked meal? I know what you’re thinking, who has the time to …Read More