1. Why You Should be a “Flexible Dieter”

    Let me ask you a question. Are the "diets" you've been on something you can sustain for the next couple months, a year, five years? If not, you have a problem! Or, did you gain all your weight back after your diet because you followed a cookie cutter meal plan and only ate 10 different kinds of food…Read More

  2. A Better Butt = A Better Life

    Appearance, a decrease in lower back pain, increased strength, increased power, confidence, sports performance, are just some of the perks of having a better butt. So pretty much your life just gets better. So how do you get that nice backside that will make Kim Kardashian jealous? First let’s di…Read More

  3. Stress in Life and Training

    Not too long ago I came across a Mike Boyle article where Mike talked about breathing, and the importance he puts on breathing, both with his professional athletes as well as his general clients. Sure I had heard of breathing and the importance it has on exercise, but I wanted to know more. With a l…Read More