1. We Know Dieting Isn’t Easy.

    You must form HABITS to make your weight loss journey successful and sustainable. Don’t just rely on discipline. So... Make going to the gym 3 days a week, meal prep Sunday, and something like tracking your food intake on MyFitnessPal another part of your day. That way when the diet gets hard and …Read More

  2. The Dreaded Weight Loss Stall

    I wanted to write a short and simple post about what to do when your weight loss stalls. First off, be patient, just because you didn’t lose weight one week doesn’t mean you won’t the following. If weight loss was linear and you lost weight each week everyone would do it. PLAY THE LONG GAME! L…Read More

  3. What To Do When…

    What to do when… You eat your face off all weekend on vacation. First let me start by saying when I travel for work I am a lot more mindful. I would usually resist some foods and make better choices when out. And be a little more serious about my workouts. But, I needed a break. I over ate most me…Read More