1. Nutrition tip!

    Hands down the simplest diet tip around...eat with a smaller plate. Yup...that’s it. You can only shove so much food on a smaller plate which forces you to eat less calories. Just make sure you don’t go back for seconds 🤫 #forgerx #takecontrol #nutrition #nutritiontip #nutritioncoach…Read More

  2. Check Out This Testimonial!

    So WORTH sharing! Give this AWESOME testimonial a read! We love our clients and all the hard work they are putting in! And our Nutrition Coaches are #1 💪 "I would like to tell you about my awesome nutrition coach, Meagan, and how I came to work with her. I am a forty-something mother and wife. I…Read More

  3. Is It Bad To Eat A Lot Of Fruit?

    A couple weeks ago me and a friend were talking about nutrition. We had discussed various aspects of nutrition but one thing he said caught my attention. He said that he had heard it was “bad to eat a lot of fruit because of the sugar in fruit.” He went on to say this had been a common belief wi…Read More